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How to Build a Strong Brand Identity with Wall Graphics

What is brand identity?

Brand identity refers to how your business is received in the market, the impression it has on potential customers that evolves over time. 

Brand identity is created through interactions customers have with your business, how you market your business, your customer service, and so on. 

When it comes to designing your commercial space, whether it’s an office, a store, a restaurant, etc., you want to make the space feel like it accurately represents your brand, and that’s where Pedigree comes in. 

As professional commercial painters, we know how to translate your brand identity onto your walls. If your walls a boring and uninspiring that will affect more than the brand identity but also affect employee engagement and workplace culture. 

For example, if you are a web design agency, you want your space to represent the creativity of your team and you need an interior design that reflects your brand, and that’s possible with wall graphics. 

What are wall graphics?

Wall graphics are a form of branding that adds design elements to a space. They are used as background images, logos, or fixtures in specific areas. From mural wallpaper to small wall decals, they can be used to complement other decorations or signs in the room. Wall graphics can be used for advertising, providing information, or just for decoration. 

Whenever it comes to creating brand awareness, wall graphics can play a huge role. Wall graphics are a physical representation of your brand or company, which builds trust and credibility with your customers. The purpose of wall graphics is to enhance the presence of your brand in physical space. Using wall graphics is a good way to attract new customers, establish your reputation, and increase sales.

The benefits of wall graphics for your business 

Marketing strategy 

A well-designed wall graphic can help communicate your brand message and convey a feeling of welcome in your reception area. Think of it as an advertisement for a product or service – but without the price tag. A well-designed wall graphic can attract attention and create positive feelings towards your brand. 

As experts of interior painting in commercial spaces, our team at Pedigree understands the importance of creating a welcoming environment for clients and visitors. 

Wall graphics are an important part of your business image. They can make the difference between your customers being excited about your business and getting turned away at the door. They can also help establish your company as an industry leader within your niche. Whether you're looking to promote your services, products, or brand, wall graphics can help set you apart from the competition.

Create unity in the workplace

Wall graphics have the power to influence the workplace culture and to create positive feelings among employees. They help set the mood for your workplace and help build a strong connection with your employees. Using wall graphics helps create an environment built on teamwork and loyalty that will foster employee satisfaction and retention.

Create a brand image that is positive, professional and welcoming by decorating your office walls with wall graphics that represent your company's culture. Use bright colours to attract employees' attention and reinforce the message that your company values hard work. 

Cost-effective interior design 

Adding a custom wall graphic or mural doesn’t have to be a large expense. In fact, it’s a highly cost-effective way of adding a design to your walls. Wall graphics are also very durable and easy to remove, so they don’t have to be on your walls forever in the case that your brand needs a new look. 

The benefit of working with the Pedigree team is that we can complete your commercial painting as well as the installation of the wall graphics. You will get to work with our design team to curate exactly what you’d like to see on your walls.