How to Choose Paint Sheen for Your Commercial Space

We often get caught up in choosing a paint colour and forget that we must also decide what kind of sheen the paint has. Be prepared for your commercial painting project by knowing all the types of paint sheen available and which paint sheens are suitable for certain spaces. 

Paint sheen refers to the glossiness of a paint finish. Some are also more durable than others and are more suitable for different surfaces. 

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Choosing paint sheen based on high & low traffic areas

When you are choosing a paint sheen you should not only consider the look it has, but the function it will have in a space. 

High traffic areas are areas in a commercial building that people frequent often like people’s offices, versus a low traffic area that rarely sees many people such as a corridor that is just used to get from A to B. 

You then must take into account what happens in these spaces. For example, the paint on the walls in the kitchen will need to be able to withstand higher levels of moisture and be cleaned easily. 

A Guide to the Different Types of Paint Sheen 


This is the shiniest and most reflective paint sheen. It is also durable and easy to clean. It’s commonly used for high-traffic areas and for surfaces that are frequently touched such as cabinets, doors, and trims. 

Black and white kitchen. Black cabinets with gold hardware and a black and white checkered floor.


Less shiny than high-gloss, a semi-gloss paint finish has a sleek and radiant appearance. Again, this is a great option for high-use surfaces and in areas that are prone to moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens, as it is easier to clean. 

A black accented office with high gloss black walls


Satin paint can be tricky to apply as it can show brush or roller strokes, but when it is done correctly, it leaves a beautiful pearl-like finish. It’s a great finish for moderate to high traffic areas in your commercial space. 

A cut in half orange sits on a blue backdrop and it is painted blue on the outside.


The eggshell finish is a paint sheen that’s in-between satin and matte on the scale. It has no shine but a little lustre, similar to a chicken egg. It can help cover up any imperfections on surfaces but shouldn’t be painted in a high-traffic area prone to bumps or scuffs. 


A matte finish has a low lustre and no shine. It is durable and will hide small imperfections on surfaces and is best suited for low traffic areas in your commercial space. It is not very easy to clean without removing parts of the paint. 

Two desks sit in front of a large blank matte white wall. A brown leather desks and filing cabinet is beside the desk on the right.

Keep in mind the darker the colour and the higher on the sheen scale you choose will boost the sheen. A very dark high-gloss paint will be extremely shiny rather than a very dark matte paint that will have no shine at all. 

Now that you know how to choose paint sheen thanks to Pedigree’s paint sheen guide, we suggest gathering paint samples of different sheens to try in your commercial space. Keep in mind the available artificial and natural lighting and the level of durability that you need the paint to be.

When it comes to commercial paint jobs, it’s best to trust the experts and work with a trusted painting company like Pedigree. 

Pedigree offers its commercial painting services to Surrey and other areas in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Get started on your commercial painting project today!