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Masking Tape vs Painters Tape: Differences & When To Use Each One

It's inevitable: before you get around to painting, you're going to have to pull out the tape. And if you've ever done any painting, you know that it's important to know what kind of tape is best for the job.

That's why we've created this handy guide to help you figure out which tape is best for your project!

We’ll briefly go over the differences between masking tape vs painters tape, and then we’ll give our professional opinion on when to use each type.

Differences between Masking Tape Vs Painters Tape

Masking tape and painters tape are (kind of) in the same family – all painters tapes are masking tapes but not all masking tapes are painters tapes.  

Confusing, we know. But let us explain.

Both tapes are made with a crepe paper backing, are easy to write on, and easy to hand-tear. The main difference between masking tape vs painters tape is their adhesion. 

Masking tape has a rubber adhesive that is stronger than the adhesive on painters tape. This rubber adhesive can cause paint to seep into the tape and can leave behind residue when its removed. On the other hand, painters tape has a weaker adhesive and a water repellant surface.

When To Use Masking Tape Vs Painters Tape

Masking tape is a strong tape that can be used as a mask over areas you don't want to paint or for covering furniture. 

Because of its strong adhesion, it is not recommended to use masking tape on walls since you risk paint damage when removing the tape. Moreover, the strong adhesion may leave behind some sticky residue when removed.

If you’re in a pinch and need to use masking tape, make sure to prevent these issues by removing masking tape within a couple of hours of putting it on.

Painters tape works well for creating sharp and clean lines when painting. This is because painters tape features a water repellant surface that prevents paint from bleeding past its edges.

Painters tape also has a weaker adhesive than masking tape, so it’s easier to take off without removing paint or leaving behind residue. This also means painters tape can be left on for a longer amount of time – up to 14 days. 

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