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What To Know When Choosing Paint Colours For Your Commercial Painting Project

Commercial painting is necessary if you spend a lot of time at the office, store or shop. Did you just acquire a space that you want to refresh? Maybe you can see the old paint begin to peel from the walls, or you’re just tired of the same old workspace. 

When any commercial painting is done by experts - like us at Pedigree painting - it can reinvigorate your space. There are a few things to know and aspects to consider before you roll up your sleeves for your upcoming commercial painting project. 

How Colour Impacts Your Customers & Workers

Colours and Customers

As a business, you shouldn’t overlook the power of colour. Marketers and business owners highly consider colour when designing a logo, but why stop there? 

Your building should be a reflection of the brand. How colours are perceived changes from person to person, but there are some rules of thumb to colour choices which impact thinking: 

  • Blue: Strength, trust and reliability. 
  • Yellow: Optimism, cheer, warmth. 
  • Green: Relaxation, nature, growth, health.
  • Orange: Confidence, friendliness, enthusiasm. 
  • Neutral: Professional, premium, balance, calmness. 
  • Multi-Colour: Diversity, uniqueness. 

Remember at the end of the day, colour is branding. If you have customers who regularly visit your office or store, then you may want to consider what they like most. 

Colours and the Workforce

Your workforce can be affected by your interior colour choices as well. 

Particular colours can add to calm productivity while others add to sadness and anxiety. Studies have shown how mood and productivity are connected to colour choices. With this in mind, don’t you want to optimize your workspace with the best commercial painting possible?

Colours with low wavelengths (blue and green) can improve our attentiveness and productivity. Too much of the opposite (red) can be too intense and alarming. When people see red, their heart rate increases. This may be great for getting active at the gym, but not at a place where worker long-term focus is needed!

Here’s a quick snapshot of which colours you may want to use for your commercial painting project:

  • Blue: This is a stable and calming colour and great for productivity. Shades of blue make perfect interior office spaces. 
  • Green: Typically it’s shown green is good for people who work longer. It helps reduce fatigue and increase calmness. 
  • Yellow: This is the creative colour. This happy colour is great for people involved in content creation and for brainstorming new ideas. 
  • Red: If there’s anything you want to attract attention to, use a bit of red. Red is also linked to physical activity. 

Need help choosing colours for commercial painting? Contact us, because that’s where we come in as professional commercial painters. 

Painting Your Type of Business & Commercial Space

First of all, there are a few different types of paint you’ll need to look out for. Paint finishes can range from flat, eggshell, semi-gloss and high-gloss. 

The level of gloss corresponds to the amount the paint reflects light. It’s important to understand the function of flat-to-glossy paint for your type of commercial space. 

  • Flat/Matte paint finishes are best suited for quiet spaces like single-person offices. They have a more subtle look without the intensity of gloss. 
  • Eggshell paints are in between. They are a bit bolder with a slight sheen and are best suited for mid-traffic areas like conference rooms.
  • High-gloss paints are bold and easier to maintain. High-traffic businesses such as tourist destinations, bustling restaurants, cafes and more are great places for this paint finish.

With this being said, all of the paints used at Pedigree Painting come in a variety of sheens and are still washable and durable. Recent paint technology advances have allowed companies to manufacture latex paints to a similar standard of durability to the old-style high gloss oil-based paints. 

You can always reach out for more advice on which type of paint finish may be best for you. 

Check Your Surroundings When Commercial Painting

Elements around your building, like roofing, sidewalks, landscaping and fixtures are hard to replace. If you’re selecting exterior paint for your commercial building, it’s important to consider your neighbouring buildings. 

Finding the balance between standing out and being an eyesore is difficult with commercial painting. If buildings around you are in neutral colours, you may want to avoid bright, vivid colours. 

A team of commercial painters like Pedigree can help you find the balance and make your commercial painting project unique but complementary to your business.